Food Programs

Food Services

Community Non-Perishable
FBWR coordinates community food drives of non-perishable food items. This food is sorted and warehoused by category for distribution to member agencies and programs. Non-perishable items may be ordered from the food bank on a weekly basis using standard order forms. Orders may be delivered to the agency door or picked up at the Food Bank as per standard ordering procedure.
Examples of Product include: peanut butter, canned vegetables, canned fruit, rice, prepared dinners, canned tuna, cold drinks, powdered milk, coffee and tea, canned soups and stew

Corporate Non-Perishable
Large donations of Non-Perishable product are received from local food manufacturers each year. This food is used by local food programs and also shared with Food Banks across the country through food sharing agreements with the Canadian and Ontario Associations of Food Banks.
Examples of Product include: cookies, pop-tarts, pasta and sauce, crackers, canned soup

Second Helping (Perishable)
The Second Helping Program receives donations of perishable food from grocery stores and other food retail outlets. A refrigerated truck delivers this food directly (same day) to participating agencies and programs for use in hampers and meal preparation. Food is shared with participating programs based on the number of service units (hampers or meals) distributed by the program the previous month.
Examples of Product include: Fruit and vegetables, prepared salads, deli meats, cheese, bread and pastries, pre-cooked dinners

Corporate Frozen and Refrigerated (Perishable)
The Food Bank operates an 1100 sq.ft. freezer and 600 sq.ft. cooler through which it receives and distributes frozen and chilled products. The FBWR will distribute monthly freezer and cooler inventories to each agency. Frozen food may be ordered from FBWR based on current inventory.
Examples of Product include: Frozen deli meats, uncooked meat (ie. chicken breasts), frozen entrees (ie. lasagna, pot pies), frozen desserts, fresh and frozen vegetables, yoghurt, chilled fresh juices, oranges and grapefruit

Milk is received by FBWR through the Milk Aid Program of the Ontario Association of Food Banks - a partnership with the Dairy Farmers of Ontario. Milk is allocated to OAFB members based on the number of people served/supported annually as reflected in the Hunger Counts. FBWR's allotment is approximately 30,000 litres per year.

Perishable Program

The Second Helping Perishable Food Recovery Program was established in March of 1998. Last year, the Program distributed a total of 631,109 lbs. of day-old breads, salads, deli meats and other products to various food programs in Waterloo Region. Among them are the St. John's Soup Kitchen in Kitchener, the House of Friendship Hamper Program and Hostel, Mary's Place and Anselma House, R.O.O.F. and the Betty Thompson Centre, as well as Argus Residence and Lang's Farm in Cambridge.

First thing each morning, the Food Bank's refrigerated truck visits several local grocery stores to pick up the nearly fresh product and immediately transports them to various food programs.

Without the Second Helping Perishable Food Recovery Program, food hamper patrons would receive less produce and bread products - sometimes less than what it takes to meet basic nutritional requirements. The vegetables and fruit provided by this Program help the emergency food hampers distributed by our agencies meet Canada's Food Guide.