Food Programs

Food Services

Community Non-Perishable

The Food Bank coordinates community food drives of non-perishable food items. This food is sorted by category for distribution to member agencies and programs. Non-perishable items may be ordered by our agencies from The Food Bank on a weekly basis using standard order forms. Orders may be delivered to the agency door or picked up at The Food Bank.

Examples of donated non-perishable food include: peanut butter, canned vegetables, canned fruit, rice, prepared dinners, canned tuna, cold drinks, powdered milk, coffee and tea, canned soups and stew.

Corporate Non-Perishable

Large donations of non-perishable product are received from food industry donors; this food is used by local food programs and also shared with food banks across the country through food sharing agreements with Food Banks Canada and the Ontario Association of Food Banks (OAFB).


The Food Bank receives donations of perishable food from grocery stores and other food retail outlets. A refrigerated truck delivers this food directly (same day) from grocery retail to participating agencies and programs for use in hampers and meal preparation.

Examples of donated perishable food include: fruit and vegetables, prepared salads, deli meats, cheese, bread and pastries, pre-cooked dinners.

Frozen and Chilled Perishable

The Food Bank operates an 15,700 cubic foot freezer and 4300 cubic foot cooler through which it receives and distributes frozen and chilled products. The Food Bank will distributes monthly freezer and cooler inventories to each agency.

Examples of donated frozen and chilled food include: frozen deli meats, uncooked meat (e.g. chicken breasts), frozen entrees (e.g. lasagna, pot pies), frozen desserts, fresh and frozen vegetables, yoghurt, chilled fresh juices, oranges and grapefruit.


Milk is received by The Food Bank through the Milk Aid Program of the OAFB - a partnership with the Dairy Farmers of Ontario. Milk is allocated to OAFB members based on the number of people served/supported annually as reflected in the annual Hunger Count. The Food Bank's allotment is approximately 40,000 litres per year.