Food Assistance Network

Waterloo Region's Food Assistance Network

The Food Assistance Network is a system of more than 100 community agencies and food programs, whose services support the basic food assistance needs of children, families, couples, individuals, and seniors--every day. At the centre of this Network, where food is received and distributed to our community, are The Food Bank of Waterloo Region and the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank.

Created more than 30 years ago by a partnership between a group of local social service agencies, this incredible food system has evolved to become more efficient, growing in numbers and providing this community with a critical resource to increase food security. It has taken years to construct and there's nothing like it provincially. Hard work, creativity, collaboration, and innovation have grown the Network to a financial value of more than $12 million annually, including nutritious, fresh food, financial donations, and volunteer time.

No matter where you live in Waterloo Region, people have access to some type of food assistance when they need it because of the Food Assistance Network. Whether it's a hamper program through a church or shelter, a school breakfast program, a community garden, a meal program or a rural outreach program, the Food Assistance Network is a collective, collaborative support system for the people of our region. It's one of the most innovative systems in Canada.

 The Food Bank of Waterloo Region Member Agencies and Programs:

Sources of Emergency and Low-Cost Food

The Region of Waterloo Public Health publishes the 2015-2016 Emergency Food Programs in Waterloo Region brochure listing information about various hamper and meal programs serviced by The Food Bank. This brochure also includes information on programs that can help you to stretch your food dollar throughout the year.

Community Food Assistance Network Infographic