Complaints Policy

This policy applies to complaints received by The Food Bank of Waterloo Region about our activities, programs, services, actions or lack of action, staff or volunteers.

A complaint may be received verbally (by phone or in person) or in writing (by mail, fax, email).
If you have a complaint or concern, please make sure you provide us with your contact information including name, phone number and email address so that we can follow up with you directly about your complaint or concern.

Concerns, questions and complaints that arise will be handled by the appropriate staff member.
The Food Bank of Waterloo Region has a process in place to ensure that complaints are handled responsibly and in a professional and consistent manner.

It is in the interest of all parties that complaints are dealt with promptly and resolved as quickly as possible. Complaints received in writing will be acknowledged within 2 business days and staff will attempt to resolve the matter within 10 business days.

A summary of the complaints is provided annually to the Board of Directors for their awareness of the nature and number of complaints received by The Food Bank of Waterloo Region.