Staff Directory

 Please dial (519) 743-1380, plus the staff members extension when prompted. To email a staff member, click on their name.

Kelsey Abbott
Support Services Administrator, ext 230
Katherine MacDuff
Manager, Network Programs & Planning, ext. 231
Bailey Armitage
Community Event Manager, ext. 228
Angela McCall
Donor Relations Coordinator, ext. 224
Wendi Campbell 
Executive Director, ext. 333
Annette Shute
Operations Manager, ext. 226
Cheryl Capwill 
Operations Coordinator, ext. 223
Nancy Van Amstel
Administration & Finance Manager, ext. 237
Kaitlyn Davis
Engagement Coordinator, ext 236
Kim Wilhelm
Senior Manager, Development & Engagement, ext. 335
Ruth Friendship-Keller
Marketing & Communication Manager, ext. 225
John Witzel
Food Procurement Manager, ext. 229
Kelly Kroetsch 
Marketing & Communications Coordinator, ext. 221

Trish Marinoni
Partnership Manager, ext. 239