Staff Directory

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  Our Phone number: 519-743-1380

 Mohammed Ahmadpouri
 Warehouse Associate / Driver Team
 Kim Anderson
 Director, Food Program Operations, Ext. 230
 Wendi Campbell
 Executive Director, Ext. 333
 Michelle Czyzo
 Administrative Assistant, Ext. 222
 Ruth Friendship-Keller
 Community Partnerships Manager, Ext. 225
 Terry Herlick
 Warehouse Associate / Driver Team
 Michael Kuch
 Warehouse Associate / Driver Team
 Christina Laughren
 Director, Development & Communications, Ext. 236
 Katherine MacDuff
 Food Assistance Network Coordinator, Ext. 231
 Taryn Martin
 Operations Volunteer Coordinator, Ext. 223
 Angela McCall
 Community Engagement Coordinator, Ext. 224
 Peter McGuire
 Food Procurement Manager, Ext. 229
 Scott Monto
 Warehouse Associate / Driver Team
 Chrissy Scheerer
 Data Entry Assistant, Ext. 221
 Nancy Van Amstel
 Manager of Administration, Ext. 237