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Title of Build: We CAN share

Wouldn't it be nice if the Easter Bunny could share more than chocolate eggs once a year? Wouldn't it be nice if there was a Food Bank Bunny that could deliver healthy food to our neighbours in need? The Food Bank does a really good job, but it's up to us to follow by example and do what we CAN to help.

Given the award for "Judges Favourite"

Total Cans Used: 3400

 Conestoga College                                                                                                                                     

Team: Conestoga College - Architecture Construction Engineering Technology

Title of Build: Crowning Achievements

Celebrating Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee, the Queen's crown has always been a symbol of royalty, dignity and achievement. Our build celebrates the achievements of the Queen's 60 year reign. With dignity and respect, we hope to eliminate hunger in Waterloo Region by providing access to food for all who need it. With your help, together we CAN make this our Crowing Achievement.

Given the award for "Structural Ingenuity"

Total Cans Used: 3400

                Dillon Consulting                                                                                                                           


Team: Dillon Consulting Limited

Title of Build: Lunch Time

Children should be able to focus on school without having to worry about where their lunch will come from. A proper diet is important in helping children succeed both in school and at life. Help us support The Food Bank so that children can focus on their learning. 


                                                                     Food Bank Hungry?                                                                            

Team: Hungry? (The Food Bank)

Title of Build: Hungry? Game Board

Hungry? was created by The Food Bank of Waterloo Region as a curriculum aid for grade 7 and 8 students. Students face real-life decisions about budgeting and must make it through the month without running out of money. "Hungry?" teaches them about situations that cause peple to need food assistance and also who needs to access food assistance in our community - they could be their friends, neighbours, even themselves.

Total Cans Used: 1361


Team: McAfee Inc.

Title of Build: Angry Birds Demolish hunger with renewed hope!

Easter ushers in Spring and renewed hope where children, like the Angry Birds, excitedly await the treats within Easter eggs. You CAN share this renewed hope with those in need of food in our community, one CAN at a time. Let's demolish hunger!

Given the award for "Best Use of Labels"

Total Cans Used: 2500


Team: MTE Consultants Inc.

Title of Build: Setting Sail on the Quest to Conquer Hunger

On average in a community, 1 in 20 are hungry. It requires neighbours in a strong community working together towards a common goal, to make a difference. This sailboat and lighthouse structure represents our community devotion of making sure those individuals do not go hungry. Our community is sailing out on the right course of action, to provide food to those in need, through the theme: "Setting Sail on the Quest to Conquer Hunger"

Given the award for "Best Meal"

Total Cans Used: 2500


Team: Research in Motion

Title of Build: Shopping Cart of Hope

These stacked cans have an unCANny resemblance to a shopping cart! What better way to support The Food Bank of Waterloo Region than to build a shopping cart out of canned donations. Helping the community fill their pantries this year, the RIM Shopping Cart of Hope will be rolling through Waterloo Region communities with almost 2000 canned goods to donate. We CAN make a difference this year, one shopping cart at a time.

Total Cans Used: 1820



Team: Stantec Stackers

Title of Build: One Small Step for CAN, One Giant Meal for Mankind!

This rocket ship was built to encourage community members to explore ideas that are out of this world when it comes to ending hunger. We want to build a world where no one goes hungry. If we ever have little green visitors from outer space we want to be proud to say that we can feed our global population. So let's boldly go where no man has gone before and blast-off to end hunger. 3, 2, 1...

Total Cans Used: 1500

 U of W Architecture

Team: University of Waterloo Architecture

Title of Build: Taking a Slice Out of World Hunger

Every day there is a growing populous around the world that is struggling with the issue of hunger - a problem that is not soon to go away. This sculpture represents the need of not one person, country, or continent, but of all, to help those who do not have the food that they desperately need. We hope to take a "slice" out of world hunger, peeling away the layers to get to the core. The world is a place abundant with food and we need to make sure that everyone has access to what they need.

Total Cans Used: 1250

U of W Engineering

Team: University of Waterloo Engineering

Title of Build: Getting the Jump on Hunger

Out of the can and onto your plate, change can be made one can at a time. With some species weighing in at nearly 500 lbs, one tuna can sure feed a lot of people! Together we can work to eliminate hunger in the Region of Waterloo, one person, one fish and one can at a time.

Total Cans Used: 2200


Team: WalterFedy

Title of Build: All You Can Eat Sushi

Our design of "All-You-Can-Eat-Sushi" represents our belief that everyone should have "all they can eat" on a daily basis. We used predominantly nutritious food in our design; food that is versatile and has many usees. Bright colours and sharp angles will draw attention to the deeper message of design: stamping out hunger by giving every visitor to the Food Bank "all you can eat".

 "All You Can Eat Sushi" WINS People's Choice Award ! Thank you to all who voted.

Total Cans Used: 1600