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2010 Canstruction Structures and Award Winners

March 15th, 2010Events

Team: AC Entrepreneurs

Title of Build: Grand CANyon

Description: One of Waterloo’s hidden treasures, the GRAND CANyon is a sight to see, enchanting onlookers through the marvel of its canned-good formation. The free-standing SkyWalk is a tribute to the region’s technology roots and underscores the “GRAND-NESS” of this majectic structure.

Total Number of Cans Used: 1500



Team: ARIDO-Grand Valley Chapter

Title of Build: Living with Hunger

Description: The ‘Grand Style’ of this living room provides an overview of daily meals that some in our community cannot afford. Just as a home needs walls, breakfast is the foundation of your day. Pull up a chair, and enjoy a good read while we prepare lunch. The comfort of a nutritious dinner is like a large comfy sofa. Living with hunger is hard, but when you step into our living room, hunger CAN be solved.

Total Number of Cans Used: 2700 approximate


Team: CH2M Hill

Title of Build: We-CANoe

Description: Our ancestors settled on the shores of the Grand River to benefit from the watershed’s fertile lands and supply of drinking water. It was the lifeblood of our community, providing nourishment in the form of food and water. To this day, the River’s meandering ways connect us with our neighbours and remind us of our heritage. We present our “WE-CANoe” – a way to paddle through our community’s hunger while voyaging the Grand in style.

Total Number of Cans Used: 1000


Team: Conestoga College – Architecture Construction Engineering Technology

Title of Build: Hunger Grand Prix

Description: Precision machines are used in racing to demonstrate speed, agility and new technology, all culminating in a “Grand Prix” of racers and cars. In “Grand Style” our depiction of a race car is meant to signify the never-ending challenge of ending hunger. Hunger in our communities is a constant challenge and we find ourselves “racing” to help those in need, especially in difficult times. Whether it’s racing fast cars, or finding the “Finish Line” to hunger, everyone must play a responsible role to make it happen.

Total Number of Cans Used: 1725


Team: Leadership Waterloo Region – Class of 2009

Title of Build: Together We Can Achieve GRAND Results

Description: The Olympic Games are one of the GRANDest events in the world. The official symbol of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics was the Inukshuk comprised of different colours representing the different regions of Canada: the green and blues symbolize the coastal forests, mountain ranges and islands, the red represents Canada’s Maple Leaf and the yellow depicts the brilliant sunrises. The Olympics are inspirational because they are all inclusive and they remind us that small contributions made by many people can lead to GRAND results.

Total Number of Cans Used: 2000

Award: Best Use of Labels


Team: Medicalis

Title of Build: A Grand Stile

Description: Stile (noun; prounced ‘ sti(-?)l)

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English stigel
A set of steps for passing over a fence or wall.

In our build, the pathway represents life’s journey and the wall embodies the barriers to adequate food many in our community face. The stile symbolizes overcoming these barriers and offering help to those who need it. Green vegetables, tuna, beans and more were used – In Grand Style – to form this metaphor.

Total Number of Cans Used: 3200

Award: Honourable Mention


Team: MTE Consultants Inc.

Title of Build: A Fortress Against Hunger

Description: Castles have a timelessness that is awe-inspiring and even today are considered grand symbols of power. The features that made them stable and able to withstand battles included curtain walls, towers, moats and drawbridges. The statistics related to hunger, even in our own community , are alarming. We need to continue to support organizations like The Food Bank of Waterloo Region , who implement defensive initiatives that contribute to the battle against hunger.

Total Number of Cans Used: 5000

Award: People’s Choice and Judges Favourite


Team: Robertson Simmons Architects Inc.

Title of Build: Relaxing In Style

Description: Imagine getting home from a hard day at work and all you want to do is relax. Most would end up in front of the TV; however wouldn’t it be nice to relax in Grand Style in a hot tub with a glass of champagne? It is quiet, calming and all your worries have disappeared!

Total Number of Cans Used: 1300


Team: RWDI

Title of Build: Arms Reaching Out to Feed the Hungry

Description: This large, friendly fellow is no Chicken of the Sea! The Octopus is representative of the fact that many hands working in unison are needed to solve the problem of hunger. When there are those in our community who are struggling to stay afloat, he invites everyone to lend a helping hand, (or arm, or tentacle) and reach out to help feed the ones who live with hunger.

Total Number of Cans Used: 2000 approximate


Team: Stantec Stackers

Title of Build: Time is Ticking Away

Description: The team has designed a grandfather clock and a fireplace in Grand Style. But these items represent more than just a grand living area. The clock represents time; time to take action to eliminate hunger in our community . The fireplace respresents food bank donors getting fired up and passionate about doing their part in the fight against hunger. The cans within the structure present healthy food options for good nutrition. Working together as a community we can make a difference, so lets get fired up and act now – we have no time to waste!

Total Number of Cans Used: 2200 approximate

Award: Structural Ingenuity


Team: UW Engineering Society

Title of Build: Our Thinking Cap?

Description: A hardhat rests on a pile of food. The yellow hardhat is a symbol of UW Engineering. All first year students receive one as part of their Orientation Week. Together, this build symbolizes our commitment to improving society as future engineers.

Total Number of Cans Used: 600


Team: Waterloo Architecture Student Association

Title of Build: Building a Long Lasting Community

Description: Athena became the patron goddess of Athens after giving the city the first olive tree. This gift was essential to the success of the city as it was an important source of food and materials. To honour Athena, the citizens built the Parthenon, a grand temple overlooking their city.

A building of the CANic order, our Parthenon will be itself a source of food to the people of Waterloo Region. Athena, goddess of heroic endeavour and justice, was protector of the city. Our Parthenon was canstructed to honour the everyday heroes who protect our community by working to eliminate hunger.

Total Number of Cans Used: 1900

Award: Best Meal