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2013 Canstruction Structures and Award Winners

March 15th, 2013Events

Team: Conestoga College – Architecture Construction Engineering Technology

Title of Build: Little Ones Can Do Big Things Too
Veggie Tales characters deliver a message of love and sharing to children and grownups alike. Reaching out to our community, sharing Food and Hope CAN and should start at an early age. This is reinforced throughout our build, and we hope to inspire the community with two simple lessons these characters aim to teach: Thankfulness for the abundance of food that we are lucky to enjoy and to show that we CAN all lend a helping hand to those that are not as fortunate.

Lettuce Love One Another!

Given the award for “Structural Ingenuity”

Total Items Used: 3,600


Team: Dillon Consulting Limited

Title of Build: Kiss me, I’m Irish. Feed me, I’m Hungry

Just as there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, there is a light at the end of the
hunger tunnel. Every Canstruction team has begun to do their part to help battle hunger,
but if we want that light to get brighter, we need your help. Together, we CAN help
restore the pot of gold for our neighbours by donating to The Food Bank. Have a fun and
safe St. Patrick’s Day.

Total Items Used: 1,750


Team: Google

Title of Build: CanDroid

The lovable android figurine has been known to bring a smile to the faces of children and adults alike. So just imagine what sort of impact we can make by transforming the tiny 3 inch vinyl toy into a 6 foot giant of canned food! We’re certain that CanDroid will not only encourage happy mouths but will feed them too.

Total Items Used: 1,500


Team: MAC Give – Every good deed is a charity

Title of Build: MAC CanNation Against Hunger

Over a billion Muslims around the world face the Ka’bah in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The end of the pilgrimage is marked by a ritual dating back to Prophet Abraham, in which an animal is sacrificed and shared with neighbours and the poor in act of charity during Eid Al-Adha or the Festival of Sacrifice.

Total Items Used: 2,600


Team: McAfee Inc

Title of Build: Cars – racing to eliminate hunger!

Like Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater, eliminating hunger is a journey not just a destination. Join the CANpaign in our race to eliminate hunger! 

Total Items Used: 1,858


Team: Team MTE

Title of Build: Digging Down to Unearth the Solution for Hunger

With a population of over 500,000, Waterloo Region is one of the fastest-growing communities in Ontario. Construction continues to be one of the driving forces of our economy. This excavator represents our commitment to get to the root of hunger in Waterloo Region so that we CAN continue to grow. Join MTE in the fight against hunger by digging into your cupboards to help our neighbours in need!

Total Items Used: 3,500

Given the awards for “Judges Favourite” and “Best Meal”


Team: Pathways to Education/Mosaic

Title of Build: We CAN Open Doors

Pathways to Education ™ supports students in our community, and thousands of other students across Canada, to help build a graduation nation. The Food Bank of Waterloo Region ensures that everyone has access to a warm meal when it’s needed. By working together, Pathways and The Food Bank CAN continue to open doors for our community.

Total Items Used: 1,200


Team: Pioneer Craftsmen Ltd.

Title of Build: Building to Ensure a Well Fed Future

The challenge to “feed the hungry”at first seems like a daunting task. But we must always remember, that even the most multifaceted challenges are often solved using the most fundamental of resources. Pioneer Craftsmen’s design for 2013 CANstruction represents how when given the right tools, any goal – big or small – is reachable.

Total Items Used: 2,000


Team: Kitchener Rangers

Title of Build: 50 Seasons

Since 1963, the Kitchener Rangers has welcomed generations of fans to cheer on the team. As we celebrate our 50th Anniversary, we honour the tradition of Rangers hockey and continue to give back to a community we are proud to play in. This season we are thrilled to add CANstruction to our growing community initiative roster with this one-of-a-kind Rangers jersey. Go Rangers Go!

Total Items Used: 3140

Given the award for “Most Cans”



Team: RWDI CANsulting Engineers and Scientists

Title of Build: Now We’re Sharing with Portals

The object of the game is simple: use the portals to transport food to your local food bank. Each food item donated will then make its way to a family in the Waterloo Region. More food into the portals means more food for the Waterloo Region Food Bank. If you are up for it, the Food Bank needs your help to complete the challenge. Ready? Excellent! Now we’re sharing with portals.

Total Items Used: 1,100


Team: Stantec Stackers

Title of Build: Dragon Treasure

Once upon a time there was a dragon with no treasure. One day he came upon a village that was full of hungry people. He realized that the greatest treasure of all was having food to eat. Now he collects food and guards it to share with the village.

Total Items Used: 2,100


Team: University of Waterloo School of Architecture

Title of Build: Gherkin

We were in a pickle. But from that pickle, Norman Foster’s 30 St Mary Axe (nicknamed the Gherkin) emerged. It is one of London’s most famous buildings, and has become a gathering place for people from everywhere around the world. We believe that people around the world, not only in the Waterloo Region, should be sharing with those who are less fortunate than us.

Given Award for “Honourable Mention”

Total Items Used: 1,540


Team: University of Waterloo Engineering

Title of Build: CANtendo 64

This structure is a tribute to one of the most universally recognized gaming consoles in history: the Nintendo 64. Complete with extra game cartridges and an iconic N64 controller, the build is guaranteed to stir nostalgia and excitement. However, not everyone had the privilege of occupying their spare time with Zelda; we forget, sometimes, that people don’t have the money for food, let alone video games. This is to remember our privileged childhood, and remind us that multiplayer mode is all about teamwork, and a helping hand.

Total Items Used: 2000


Team: WalterFedy

Title of Build: It’s Time to Fight Hunger

The historic Victoria Park clock tower is a symbol of Kitchener – having once sat atop old Kitchener City Hall, and before that the town’s fire hall. For this year’s CANstruction build, we wanted a strong symbol of our community, one that would bring familiarity and comfort to those in need at the Food Bank. Because in the hearts and minds of the hungry, time ticks by slowly, and by our efforts we hope to speed it up.

Given awards for “Best Use of Labels” and “People’s Choice Award”

Total Items Used: 500


A special thank you to Stefan Myles – for Canstruction photos