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2014 Canstruction Structures and Award Winners

March 15th, 2014Events

Home Hardware

“Home Owners helping HOMETOWNS for The Food Bank delivery”

Home Hardware Stores Limited is a long-time supporter of The Food Bank of Waterloo Region, with staff annually volunteering throughout the year and donating thousands of dollars and pounds of food. Our yellow trucks and recognized across Canada, with close to 1,100 stores that are 100% Canadian-owned and independently operated. In the true spirit of Home Owners helping HOMETOWNS, many of our stores across Canada also give back to their local food banks.

Total Number of Cans Used: 2,000

Conestoga College – Architecture Construction Engineering Technology

“Olympic Minions”

The World Olympics are promoting our champion athletes while the Minions are fearless and CAN do just about anything. Collectively they represent what we CAN do in “small” ways to eliminate hunger in our community. With the Olympic Rings and the fun loving Minions we hope we CAN inspire the community to help those who need the assistance of The Food Bank.

 People’s Choice

Total Number of Cans Used: 2,500

Dillon Consulting Ltd

“Plow Through Hunger”

Just as the snow plows have been working extra hard to remove snow from our sidewalks and roads, we all need to work extra hard to remove hunger from our community. By donating to The Food Bank, you too CAN do your part to clear the way for the elimination of hunger.

Total Number of Cans Used: 2,000

MTE Consultants

“Farmers Feed Cities, You CAN Too”

Agriculture has a rich history in Waterloo Region, dating back over 200 years. This year, we want to recognize all of the families in the Region who contribute to this industry, and help bring food to our tables. This tractor represents all of the hard work that they do to make Waterloo Region a better place to live. Unfortunately, there are still people in our community who are hungry every day. By donating to The Food Bank of Waterloo Region, you are contributing to a happy, healthy community. With a little effort, we CAN all make a difference.

Award: Honourable Mention

Total Number of Cans Used: 1,500

Pathways to Education

“We CAN Share The Warmth”

Who doesn’t love a good campfire!? It’s a special place to share stories, dreams and visions for the future. Join Pathways to Education in our vision of making Canada a Graduation Nation.

Award: Best Use of Labels
Total Number of Cans Used: 1,540

Rombald Inc

“Future Stadium of Our Youth”

Waterloo Minor Soccer Club gives the chance for all members of the community to participate and be active together. Just as the community has come together to give the opportunity for so many of our youth to participate in the game of soccer, the players can now team up and give back to eliminate hunger, one can at a time.

Award: Best Meal

Total Number of Cans Used: 3,200


“Feed the Birds”

Like many in our community, these ducks are hungry. Fortunately, for people, The Food Bank of Waterloo Region is here to help! Together, with your help, The Food Bank can take those less fortunate under their wing. Your support will make sure families like these do not go hungry.

Like these ducks? Donate a few bucks!

Award: Juror’s Favourite

Total Number of Cans Used: 1,700


“Soaring Above Hunger”

This plane, which is flying above the clouds, represents achieving new heights in solving the problem of hunger in our community. By keeping hunger on our radar, together we CAN pilot a solution to eliminate hunger. The sky’s the limit!

Total Number of Cans Used: 1,200

UW Engineering Society

“Birthday Cake with CANdles”

Birthdays are a joyous celebration with delicious cake, but the most important aspect is a feeling of community. The Food Bank of Waterloo Region is thankful for all the children who share their special day with their community by asking for food donations instead of gifts. Together, we celebrate coming together to destroy hunger and symbolize our hope with CANdles that you can’t blow out!

Total Number of Cans Used: 1,670

UW School of Architecture

“Go Canada Go”

In light of Canada’s recent Olympic victories in hockey, our build was designed to reflect our passion for winter sports. Much like we have won the game, we can work together to fight against hunger.

Total Number of Cans Used: 1,000


“Bridging the Gap of Hunger”

Each year, thousands of Waterloo Region residents go hungry – relying on trusted organizations such as The Food Bank of Waterloo Region for sustenance. We want to work hard this year to “bridge the gap of hunger” so no one goes without.

Award: Structural Ingenuity

Total Number of Cans Used: 1,500


A special thank you to photographer Lisa McVey.