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2015 Canstruction Structures and Award Winners

March 16th, 2015Events

The Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO)


The Gourmet Food Truck is a newcomer to Waterloo Region. The BaCAN BBQ truck is the latest addition. But a quick and tasty lunch or dinner is not within reach of many of our area residents. #DestroyHunger support The Food Bank.

Award: Honourable Mention

Total Number of Cans Used: 2,525


Conestoga College – Architecture Construction Engineering Technology (ACET)


In the world of Minecraft, where possibilities are endless, we aim to break the blocks of hunger and build blocks of community and growth. Reaching out to our community, sharing Food and Hope CAN and should start at an early age. Minecraft has the simple goal of survival which is shared by The Food Bank, providing the necessary blocks in order to survive! These fundamentals of life are a constant reminder that it takes a community in order to accomplish this task, no matter how young or old, to live a life full of abundance and joy.

Total Number of Cans Used: 2,900




“The CANnery”

The Tannery, is a revitalized factory at the corner of Charles and Victoria. Lang Tanning was once the largest sole leather producer in the British Empire. Through redevelopment, the Tannery has been re-purposed into a hub where innovation, entrepreneurship, and business flourish.

We believe progress is about people. Our CANnery build symbolizes the revitalization of community. Giving back to organizations like The Food Bank can result in a brighter future for everyone

Total Number of Cans Used: 3,000+


Dillon Consulting Ltd

“Good News from the Future”

Wait a minute, Doc. Are you telling me that you built a DeLorean…out of food? Great Scott! Synchronize your watches, it’s 2015 and Marty McFly has just arrived from 1985 in his time machine. After looking around and seeing the amazing effort put into Canstruction by all participants, he hopped back in the DeLorean and took a trip farther into the future to see what’s in store for hunger. Good news! We have the ability to win this battle. Just like Marty told his dad in 1955; “If you put your mind to it, you CAN accomplish anything”. Join us and The Food Bank in giving the quest to end hunger the 1.21 gigawatt jolt it needs to reach its goal.

Total Number of Cans Used: 2,000


The Food Bank of Waterloo Region & Friends

“Thank You Tim Hortons”

This structure was built by Food Bank volunteers to celebrate the community commitment of local Tim Hortons restaurant owners. The annual Tim Hortons Food Drive has raised food and awareness in Kitchener and Waterloo for 13 years. Tim Hortons has sponsored The Food Bank’s food drive materials since 2009. In 2015, Tim Hortons will be even more visible as a “Food Delivery Supporter”. Watch for their logo on Food Bank trucks delivering food to programs throughout Waterloo Region.

Total Number of Cans Used: 1,485



“ION Hunger”

Our CANstruction of the Waterloo LRT project links the grand communities within the Region of Waterloo. The sustainable public transit allows the sharing of ideas, community spirit and food allowing us all to keep an ion hunger.

Total Number of Cans Used: 2,300


MTE Consultants

“Making Hunger Walk the Plank”

Unlike Blackbeard before us, we didn’t have to plunder or pillage to round up this loot. But for families in our community, it’s a gift more valuable than buried treasure. So join us, matey! Let’s support The Food Bank’s mission by gathering up all the goodies and gold doubloons we can. Together we CAN make a difference and make hunger walk the plank!

Award: Judges Favorite

Total Number of Cans Used: 1,260


Muslim Association of Canada

“The Dome of Rock”

The Dome of the Rock is located in one of the World Heritage Sites, the Old City of Jerusalem. It is considered to be the oldest existing Islamic architecture. Its Byzantine design in the octagonal plan and gold dome and the Persian and Turkish mosaic tiles of its wall speak to the essence of multiculturalism. We erect this structure to evoke our collective consciousness to feed our brothers and sisters in humanity.

Awards: Best Meal &
People’s Choice

Total Number of Cans Used: 5,000



“Everyday Nutrition Made Easier”

Our design was inspired by the iconic food group rainbow of Canada Food Guide’s. Where we could, we coordinated the choice of can and colour with its associated food group (e.g., yellow can for grains), and chose to use a bank as our central focus to symbolize two meaning; 1) The Food Bank and 2) Our company’s financial nature.

Total Number of Cans Used: 2,782



“Crush Hunger”

We are excited to participate for the first time in CANstruction. Our team wanted to combine a well-known brand along with the theme of CANstruction’s vision statement of Design-Build-Destroy Hunger. The intent of the build is to show a Crush pop can crushing the word hunger, which is meant to demonstrate us helping to destroy hunger with the support from our community.

Total Number of Cans Used: 3,200


Rombald Inc

“A CANstruction Site”

The workers at the CANstruction site are busy working hard to construct a nutritious lunch for youth in our growing city. Just as we and the community are working together to eliminate hunger and build solutions to ensure that healthy and wholesome food is accessible to everyone in our community.

Total Number of Cans Used: 2,000



“The Foodmill”

In the olden days, windmills were used to harness the energy of the wind to help farmers grow their crops and mill their grains. This foodmill instead operates on generous donations and helps to provide food to families in need in our community. Let’s see if this foodmill can help The Food Bank of Waterloo Region achieve a sustainable future without hunger.

Total Number of Cans Used: 1,000


Stantec Consulting Ltd

“Ending Hunger is AWESOME!”

Ending Hunger is awesome
Ending Hunger is cool when you’re part of a team
Ending Hunger is needed to help those live their dream

Ending Hunger is better when we work together,
Side by side, you and I, The Food Bank will win forever
Let’s donate together
We’re the same, I’m like you, you’re like me
We’re all working in harmony

Ending Hunger is awesome
Ending Hunger is cool when you’re part of a team
Ending Hunger is needed to help those live their dream

Total Number of Cans Used: 1,600


University of Waterloo – Engineering Society

“Do You Want to Build a CANman?”

A cold and snowy winter at Waterloo is attracting snowmen! Olaf from Frozen is here at Conestoga Mall to supply our hungry community. So CAN we build a snowman? Yes we CAN!

Total Number of Cans Used: 1,100



“1UP for Hunger”

Mario is always in search of a mushroom to grow bigger and stronger and we know many members of our community are also searching for their next meal every day. We support The Food Bank of Waterloo Region because they help make the lives of those in our community better. The Food Bank provides those in need with nourishment to get them through the day, so they don’t need to chase the mushrooms like Mario.

Awards: Best Use of Labels & Structural Ingenuity

Total Number of Cans Used: 3,900


A special thank you to photographer Elissa Den Hoed.