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How you are bringing more fresh food to neighbours in need

February 5th, 2018Newsletters

By Wendi Campbell, Executive Director

Accessing affordable, healthy food is a daily struggle for people living on low incomes. But your support is helping The Food Bank of Waterloo Region make a difference. Last year alone, you helped us assemble and deliver 70,000 lbs of food each week — and we’re determined to have an even greater impact in the year ahead! Our challenge now is to increase the amount of fresh, frozen and prepared foods we provide, channeling our community’s incredible energy to make sure no one goes hungry.

That’s why we are taking a fresh new approach to our work in 2018. Together, we will expand our ability to safely transport, prepare and store more fresh and frozen fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat products.

Perishable products come with their own unique set of challenges but the benefits are huge — allowing us to offer people healthier, more nutritious foods than ever before.

Already, we’ve changed our internal processes to have the biggest impact. We developed a new way to sort food donations which reduces waste and allows us to deliver fresh food directly to the 100+ agencies and programs we support across the Waterloo Region.

What’s next?
The building of an onsite food processing room with dedicated safe, clean spaces for food sorting and preparation. This will allow us to stretch food donations even further. For example, if a local farmer offers us their surplus squash at the end of the season, we will be able to dice and freeze it to make it last longer and ensure it’s easier for people to use. The new space will also help minimize food waste, allowing us to pre-sort large produce donations and remove any sub-standard product, ensuring that one bad peach or apple doesn’t spoil the bunch.

Thank you for helping us bring a fresh new approach to nourishing our community!

Please support a fresh new approach to fighting hunger! Donate to help feed more hungry neighbours in 2018.