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Why I Give

February 7th, 2018Newsletters

Shari Brennan is a firm believer in the saying, “It takes a village.”

A volunteer for The Food Bank of Waterloo Region for the past several years, Shari helps out wherever she’s needed, from reception to administration, to food drives. “When I discovered that this well-run non-profit organization was in great need in our community, I chose to help,” explains Shari, who also donates to the cause.

“No one should go hungry, yet I have seen and heard of people in our community, many through no fault of their own, who have come into difficult times,” says Shari.

“1 in 20 households need food support. Half of these are families with children. I can’t imagine sending my child to school hungry.”

Shari hopes others will join her in volunteering and donating to help.
“I get great satisfaction from knowing I am helping to improve the quality of life of others,” she explains. “It is greatly rewarding.”

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