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Don’t Let Hunger Interrupt Childhood

March 7th, 2018Stories

The path of toy cars being diverted by an empty plate.

Growing up, Kendra never realized her mother was suffering in silence. Her family didn’t have a lot of money to begin with, so when her stepfather was diagnosed with a terminal illness, things went from difficult to worse.

Suddenly, Kendra’s mom had to figure out how to make an already tight budget stretch even further as she missed work to care for her ailing husband.

“My mother protected us from knowing how hard things really were,” explains Kendra, her voice warm with gratitude. “She made sure everything felt as normal as possible for my brother and me.”

Your support plays a critical role in helping families like Kendra’s through tough times.

As the centre of the Community Food Assistance Network, we help families in need connect with 100+ community agencies and food programs. “When Mom needed help, The Food Bank of Waterloo Region was there,” says Kendra. “I’m so grateful to the community for making this possible.”

As a young girl, Kendra was especially excited to receive the kind of name brand cereal her mother usually couldn’t afford to buy. “I’ll never forget how excited I was to see a box of Lucky Charms cereal among the many other foods we received that day,” she recalls fondly.

For a little girl, that box of cereal represented more than just food. That cereal was comfort and belonging when Kendra needed it most – and you made that possible.

Thanks to caring people like you who support The Food Bank of Waterloo Region, Kendra and her brother had the nutrition and energy they needed to learn at school and play with their friends.

Because of you, hunger didn’t interrupt Kendra’s childhood.

But, the only way we can continue to shield kids from the harsh effects of poverty is with your continued support. Will you help feed a hungry child by sending your gift today? Any amount you can give will make a difference.

Every $1 buys 3 meals for a hungry child.

Your support is needed this year more than ever.

As you can imagine, this winter has been especially hard for local families, with record cold temperatures causing expenses like heat, hydro and warm clothing to spiral out of control.

Last year, 8,178 children and 3,080 youth in our community turned to us for food assistance and we anticipate even greater need in the months ahead. That’s why I hope I can count on your support today.

Kids with empty bellies have less energy and less ability to concentrate at school, affecting their ability to learn and threatening their growth, development and future well-being.

By making a gift today, you can feed a child in need and ensure families have the vital supports needed to get through these difficult months.

Kids like Kendra don’t even know how much they are depending on you – and we want to keep it that way!

Don’t let hunger interrupt childhood. Please give today


"Your support plays a critical role in helping families."

Wendi Campbell, Chief Executive Officer
The Food Bank of Waterloo Region