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How One Local Man is Creating a Ripple Effect of Generosity

May 30th, 2018Events, Stories

Donating to a charity you care about not only benefits the organization but it can create a ripple effect of generosity. For Allan Bush the ripple effect is what inspires him to give back to his community.

“I believe it is about looking after your community as a whole and those in it,” said Allan Bush. “If I can help inspire others – through my actions – to get involved and give back, that’s great,” he added.

This year, as part of the Every Plate Full Campaign – a national campaign to help end summer hunger in Canada – Allan Bush has generously agreed to double the impact of all donations received throughout the campaign which runs from May 28 – June 8, 2018.

During the summer months, donations to food banks decline drastically, but the need for food support does not. “Summer is a busy time of year for many individuals and families and giving to The Food Bank isn’t always a priority,” said Wendi Campbell, Chief Executive Officer, The Food Bank of Waterloo Region. “Having the support from community leaders like Allan is a game-changer and will help us provide food to the 1 in 20 households in our community that need food assistance.”

For Allan, supporting the Every Plate Full Campaign is about raising awareness of food insecurity in our community and engaging and inspiring the younger generation. “If I can inspire the youth and we can teach them about giving at an early age, it will be impactful and that will last a lifetime,” he explained.

Get Involved and Help Fill the Plate of Every Canadian this Summer

Throughout the duration of the campaign, which ends June 8 – the Allan Bush Investment Team will match your gifts – dollar for dollar.

One dollar provides 3 meals to those in need in our community. And thanks to generous donors, community donations and strong partnerships, we, at The Food Bank, are able to do a lot with a little by stretching the impact of $1 and providing a mix of perishable and non-perishable items to those in need.

It’s easy to get involved in Every Plate Full Waterloo Region:

There are a number of reasons why someone may need to visit a food assistance program. “There is no shame in this, we need to get away from the stigma associated [with using a food bank],” explained Allan. “There are lots of reasons – job loss, health issues, cost of living, disability – people need food support. And I just want to make a difference.”