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Hunger Doesn’t Take Summer Holidays

June 19th, 2018Newsletters, Stories

What do summer holidays mean to you? 

For many of us, it’s warm sunny days spent relaxing at the lake or cottage. Others look forward to enjoying a BBQ with family and friends.

But for 1 in 20 families in Waterloo Region, summers are not nearly so carefree.

Summer is an especially difficult time for children facing hunger. During the school year, hungry students have access to breakfast, lunch and snack programs. But, when schools break for summer, many families struggle to keep hunger at bay.

Hunger doesn’t take a summer holiday, and neither can The Food Bank. 

The shelves in our warehouse are almost empty. From June to August every year, food donations are at their lowest – yet hungry neighbours need food as much as ever.

The situation grows more urgent with each passing day.

Just ask Juergen Wetteskind, one of our dedicated volunteers. For the past several years, Juergen has helped out in the warehouse, picking orders for agencies and food programs that rely on our deliveries of food to feed hungry neighbours.

“It happens quite often in the summer months that we don’t have enough food in the warehouse,” explains Juergen. “I’ll print out an order for one of the agencies we deliver to and realize I’m missing half the food they’ve requested. When I can’t fill an order; I feel so bad. But there’s nothing I can do when we just don’t have the food.”

It is heartbreaking to think of anyone going without food, especially knowing almost 40% of the food we provide goes to feed children.

Your support makes a difference.

Financial donations allow us the flexibility to purchase the food most urgently needed and fill the gaps in our inventory when food donations of particular products are scarce.

You’d be amazed how far your gift can go!

Thanks to strong local partnerships, we are able to efficiently purchase food and stretch each dollar beyond what could normally be achieved when you go grocery shopping on your own.

Every dollar you give will help restock our shelves and make sure there is enough food for struggling children, seniors and families.

Hunger doesn’t take a holiday and the only way we can fight summer hunger is with your support. Please give today to help feed hungry neighbours.