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How to Donate during a Postal Strike

November 2nd, 2018Media Releases, Uncategorized

Earlier this month, Canada Post employees began a series of rotating strikes, forcing Canadians who rely on the service to look for alternate options to mail a package or letter.

We know many of you may be wondering how the rotating strike – which is expected to last about 24 hours in Waterloo Region – impacts your charitable donation. See below for some helpful information and alternative donation options.

With Canada Post employees on strike in Waterloo Region, how can I donate to The Food Bank?

We are able to accept donations both in person and online.

  • You can visit our website at:  and complete the online form.
  • You can visit us in person at: 50 Alpine Court, Kitchener, ON, N2E2M7
  • We can also accept credit card donations by phone that will be processed same day in our secure system.
I have already put my donation in the mail,  now what?

The walk-outs by Canada Post employees are rotating, which means they will be happening across the country in different communities at different times. When we receive your donation, we will process as quickly as possible. Please note there may be a delay in us receiving your donation as postal workers catch up from the back-log.  You may also experience a delay in receiving your tax receipt (which normally arrives within one week of us receiving your donation)

Will the postal strike impact delivery of my donation?

According to Canada Post, mail and parcels will not be delivered or picked up in the affected cities during the rotating strikes. There will be a delay in us receiving your donation.

How long will the strike last for?

The strike is expected to last for 24 hours.

I am not able to donate online or come into your office, what other delivery services can I use?

Other delivery method options include: Purolater, UPS, FedEX.