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In the Community: Westmount Signs and Printing

November 13th, 2018In the Community

Drive around Waterloo Region and you are sure to see the handy-work of Westmount Signs & Printing. A staple in our community since 2004 and a leader in their field, they work hard to bring brands to life through signs, printing and digital marketing.

The team at Westmount Signs & Printing believes community engagement is a social responsibility that all businesses should take on. A quick look at their website shows that giving back to the community is an important part of their business.

Westmount Signs & Printing has been a community partner of The Food Bank since 2008.

In this business profile, we chat with Simon Dowrick, Director, Sales & Marketing, Westmount Signs & Printing and learn about the importance of collaboration and working together.

The Food Bank of Waterloo Region (The Food Bank): Tell me a little bit about Westmount Signs & Printing?

Westmount Signs & Printing: We have been in business for 14 years and have grown to 25 team members. At Westmount Signs & Printing, we help bring brands to life with signs, printing and digital marketing. Recently, we acquired another printing business and electrical contract services company, which will allow us to expand our operations and better serve and meet our client’s needs. Now, because of our extensive capabilities we can provide (our clients) with everything they need from electrical contracting to the implementation of their digital marketing plan. Whether it is a sign, business card, flyer, website, event, marketing ideas, etc., we help businesses and organizations be successful. Our mantra is “we look good when you look good”, so we like to work towards that ethos.

The Food Bank: Why is it important, as an organization, to give back to the community?

Westmount Signs & Printing: Not only does it (giving back to the community) give us a good feeling, but it also creates goodwill and builds relationships. And it is also great visibility our brand. We can’t help everyone, but we certainly try.

The Food Bank: What does it mean to your organization to be able to give back so generously to the charitable and non-profit organizations in Waterloo Region?

Westmount Signs & Printing: From a business perspective, it just makes sense. All it takes is for a potential client to come to us and say: “I’m going to support you because you supported a charity I am passionate about.” It is a pay-it-forward activity and approach. And it’s funny how doors open when you do something you’re not expecting a return on.

The Food Bank: How does Westmount Signs & Printing support The Food Bank of Waterloo Region?

Westmount Signs & Printing: We have been supporting The Food Bank ever since an urgent request came in, to fix a broken sign at Canstruction® Waterloo Region 8 years ago. After seeing the installation at Conestoga Mall, our excitement grew and we signed on as a regular sponsor. We also try to support many of the other initiatives as much as possible.

The Food Bank: Why do you support The Food Bank of Waterloo Region?

Westmount Signs & Printing: Supporting The Food Bank is a no-brainer for us. It is a tangible service that directly helps the most vulnerable and less fortunate people in our community. It’s a worthwhile cause and we know every food donation will be consumed by someone and it feels good that we are coming together with many other businesses to make our community a better place to live.

If you are looking for assistance with signs, printing and/or digital marketing, you can contact Westmount Signs & Printing by phone: 519-.885.1400 or by email: