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Full Bellies. Happy Hearts.

February 26th, 2019Newsletters, Stories

As a young girl, Amy didn’t realize how much her mother was struggling. As a single mom, making ends meet was tough. And it became even tougher when she was suddenly faced with caring for a terminally ill family member.

Without warning, Amy’s mom had to figure out how to stretch an already tight budget even further. Her added role as caregiver reduced her ability to work full-time.

“I know it was really difficult for my mom. But she always did her best to protect us from knowing how tough things really were,” explains Amy. “She wanted to ensure my two brothers and I would have a happy childhood – and, despite the challenges she faced, she did that.”

Your support plays a critical role in helping families through tough times.

As the centre of the Community Food Assistance Network, we connect families in need with 100+ community programs and agency partners.

“The Food Bank of Waterloo Region was there when my mom needed help. Our community made that possible and I’ll always be grateful for that.”

What Amy remembers most is the thrill of eating the name brand peanut butter that she saw at the grocery store, but her mom couldn’t afford to buy. “I’ll never forget how excited we were to see that jar of Jiff peanut butter in the food hamper we received that day,” she recalls.

For young kids, that jar of peanut butter represented more than just food. It represented comfort and belonging when it’s needed most – and you made that possible!

Every $1 buys 3 meals for a hungry child.

Thanks to caring people like you who support The Food Bank of Waterloo Region, Amy and her brothers had the nutrition and energy they needed to learn at school and play with their friends.

Because of you, Amy could fit in with all the other kids with healthy meals and happy hearts.

At this time of year, children like Amy need your support more than ever.

As you can imagine, the winter is especially hard for local families, with freezing temperatures causing expenses for heat, hydro and warm clothing to spiral out of control.

Last year, we supported 12,375 children and youth in our community with food assistance, and we anticipate an even greater need in the months ahead.

Kids with empty bellies have less energy and greater difficulty concentrating at school. That affects their ability to learn which, in turn, threatens their growth, development and future well-being.

By making a gift today, you can feed hungry children and ensure their families have the vital supports they need to get through these difficult months.

Kids like Amy don’t even know how much they are depending on you – and we want to keep it that way!

You can give kids a hunger-free and carefree childhood. Please give today.

"You can give kids a hunger-free and carefree childhood. "

Wendi Campbell
Chief Executive Officer, The Food Bank of Waterloo Region