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Red Carpet Crew Gets Involved with The Food Bank

April 10th, 2019Stories

This year we were thrilled to welcome first time sponsor, The Red Carpet Crew: Julie D. Martin Heritage House to Canstruction®, as the Try-A-Build sponsor. Read the full blog post below to learn more about their experience and few important takeaways.

Article originally published by: Julie D. Martin

The Red Carpet Crew truly enjoyed being a part of the recent Canstruction® event at the Conestoga Mall.  Roger and I have strolled through the mall a number of times over the years looking at the amazing engineering that local businesses and groups put together, but we never really imagined that we would be a part of this event at some point.

We were the sponsors of the inaugural Try-A-Build events this year. We heard that there was a 36% increase in donations this year. Perhaps it was, in part, because of the Try-A-Build brought out some more people and obviously some more canned goods.

Through this process, we have a couple of very important takeaways:

Food insecurity happens year-round

People think of giving during times that they enjoy an abundance of food themselves, like Christmas and Easter.  But, during the Summer months, when school is out and Nutrition for Learning is no longer giving much-needed snacks to school-aged children, The Food Bank runs short on their stock and the people who are struggling through that season have fewer resources.  Simply put, they need our help. Our team is looking for some fun ways to make the people we know aware of this need.

Nearly 50% of the families who use the Food Bank only use it one or two times a year.

For all of the years I thought it was always the same people utilizing this service over and over, well, I was wrong.

Roger and I work long (and strange) hours.  We are often thinking about when we should eat, before or after a client meeting, before or after our Open House, etc. Determining when to eat is an easy problem to have.  But, there are those in our community who are uncertain whether or not they can eat at all.

All of this brings me and Roger back to the times in our lives when we experienced some financial struggles, times when we had to juggle what was most important, paying the gas bill or putting food on the table. We really did have times in our lives like that.

Thankfully, we are not in that type of situation today. We work hard, but we have always worked hard. Hard work does not always result in financial security. We need to never forget those tough days, and being a part of the Canstruction® event was a good reminder that There but for the grace of God, go we.

And truthfully, we need to always remember to extend that same grace to others. One thing could change everything for any of us, in a good way or in a bad way. We want to be a part of helping to change the lives of others in a positive way. There are lots of ways we can do that, through the service we offer our clients and even through giving someone a helping hand. The Food Bank of Waterloo Region offers all of us good opportunities to do just that.

The Red Carpet Crew looks forward to seeing you at Canstruction 2020, and hopefully before that.

CTV films Try-A-Build

Here’s the CTV camera man covering this great event on the nightly news.

Final Team Build

Here’s our team’s final build. Thanks to Jim, Donna, Luke, Lisa and of course our youngest team member Max for making our first build a great success and so much fun!!