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The 1/2 Million Meal Challenge

June 7th, 2019Newsletters, Stories

When you hear the word summer, do you think of hot sunshine or the relief of a cool dip in a lake? Perhaps you think about picnics or fireworks, days spent at the park or beach. For many of us, summer brings relaxation and a much-needed break.

Unfortunately, as the school bell rings for the last time this June, thousands of kids in our community are heading home without the comfort of knowing where their next meal will come from. During the school year, many students have access to programs that provide breakfast, lunch and snacks. But, when summer begins, this safety net is gone.

In March, we shared Amy’s story. She grew up in a single-parent household, and her family depended on support from The Food Bank of Waterloo Region to get by. As an adult, Amy still recalls the relief and excitement she felt as a young girl when she helped her mom unpack a food hamper in their kitchen.

Here at The Food Bank of Waterloo Region, we know families like Amy’s need our help now more than ever. While school may be out for the summer, hunger doesn’t take a holiday.

Historically, we see lower levels of food and financial donations between June and August. Sometimes volunteers aren’t able to fill the food orders our community programs and agency partners have requested and, sadly, children make up almost 40% of the 34,408 people we serve each year. They are counting on you today, just like Amy once did.

Together, we can step up to ensure no one has to go hungry in these hot summer months. We can give peace of mind to struggling families and fill the hearts and bellies of kids in our community through our collective investment in their well-being.

Hunger doesn’t take a holiday. And our community’s generosity doesn’t have to either.

That’s why we’re hoping you’ll consider supporting our Full Bellies, Happy Hearts ½ million meal challenge.

We’re also excited to share that every dollar you give will go twice as far, thanks to a matching gift from Allan Bush of CIBC Wood Gundy, Waterloo.

Will you double your impact by contributing to our Full Bellies, Happy Hearts ½ million meal challenge today? Every gift made before August 31st will be matched, up to $20,000. Your support of our neighbours will have double the impact this summer, thanks to this limited-time offer.

Please take advantage of Allan Bush’s matching offer and make your vital gift to The Food Bank of Waterloo Region today. Your donations mean fewer growling stomachs and more smiles this summer.

Join the 1/2 million meal challenge today!

"Hunger doesn’t take a holiday. And our community’s generosity doesn’t have to either."

Wendi Campbell
Chief Executive Officer, The Food Bank of Waterloo Region