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Feeding Our Community during COVID-19

March 17th, 2020Awareness, COVID-19

The Food Bank of Waterloo Region continues to monitor COVID-19 and the impact on our community and those in need of food assistance. We are working with our community programs and agency partners, as part of the Community Food Assistance Network, to help people in need of food assistance during this time:

  • Our Community Food Assistance Network is part of the Region of Waterloo’s Pandemic and Emergency Plans. Should the COVID-19 situation escalate or any other large scale emergency is declared, we have detailed protocols in place to ensure the ongoing service delivery of food and other critical supports.
  • We are actively working with the Community Food Assistance Network to protect and support vulnerable community members, ensuring that those who need food receive it.

While it is recommended to prepare for emergency situations, such as this, the reality is not everyone is able to do so. During these uncertain times, many people and families in Waterloo Region will feel the stress of time away from work, unexpected illnesses and being unable to purchase necessities due to empty grocery store shelves.

You might be wondering how you can help ensure no one goes hungry in our community during this time.

Your donation will allow us to purchase many of our Most Needed Items, helping to fill gaps in our inventory, and support various operational activities that ensure we are able to pick up and deliver food to the Community Food Assistance Network – a system of 100+ community programs and agency partners working together to provide food and access to other vital supports.


Why Donations are Important Right Now
  • Vulnerable families cannot afford to stock up on food for days at a time. With your help, we can ensure they have enough.
  • As the situation changes, some of the programs within our Community Food Assistance Network may need to close for various reason. Your gift will ensure there is no interruption of service for families who need food.
  • Many of our fundraising events have been or will need to be canceled. Your help will help keep food on our shelves for anyone who may need food during this stressful time.
  • Grocery stores and other food industry partners are unable to keep their own shelves stocked. The Food Bank relies on these steady donations as part of the 4.5 million pounds of fresh, frozen and non-perishable food we acquire and distribute on an annual basis right here in Waterloo Region. At this time we need to purchase food items to help fill our gaps in inventory

The Food Bank of Waterloo Region remains fully operational, should you have any questions. Visit our website at or our social media channels @FoodBankWatReg to stay up-to-date about how you can help ensure no one goes hungry.