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Sparking a Connection with Food

March 24th, 2020Awareness

March is Nutrition Month and this year’s theme is: “More than Food: How You Eat is Important Too!”

We know food nourishes us and keeps us sharp mentally but it also creates a sense of comfort, belonging and sparks creativity. As part of Nutrition month, we take a look at some simple ways to cook, share and enjoy food with family and friends of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

Mindful Eating

Mindful eating creates awareness of our experiences and feelings about food. Here are some ways to be mindful when eating:

  • Take your time. Eating slowly allows you to enjoy your meal in a relaxed environment.
  • Awaken your senses. Notice the colours, textures, smells, flavours and sounds of your meal.

Mindful eating helps you connect to the eating experience and be more conscious of different food attributes, such as: textures, smells, flavours and sounds of your meal.

Meal Planning and Preparation

Here are a few tips to help you plan and prepare your meals:

  • Weekly Menu Planning. Try family favourite recipes, look up healthy recipes online, or visit: for some delicious options.
  • Choose recipes with ingredients you already have, foods on sale and seasonal fruits or vegetables.
  • Get creative with leftovers. Add beans and rice from a previous meal into a chili for another meal in the week.
  • Cook in bulk and make extras for the week. Purchase vegetables that are on sale and make a large vegetable stir-fry to last throughout the week.

By planning ahead, we can develop routine healthy eating habits.

Grow, Cook and Eat Together

Every stage in preparing and processing food is an important one that we can take part in together. Here are some ways to get involved:

  • Create an indoor herb garden or grow a community vegetable garden outside in the summer with friends.
  • Cook in the kitchen with the whole family (i.e. have younger children wash and older children chop fresh produce).
  • Enjoy eating meals together at home or in a relaxed community environment.

Food connects us. When we prepare and eat together, it allows us to take a moment to enjoy, laugh, explore new recipes and share new foods together.

For additional Nutrition month resources and recipes, visit: