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The Food Bank Tackles Big Challenges

April 6th, 2020Awareness, Newsletters

Our community is tackling some of the largest and most difficult challenges we have ever faced as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

Your support allows us to fill gaps in our inventory and maintain operational activities to ensure continued service delivery to the Community Food Assistance Network.

As we prepare for the increased demand for our services, we are confronting major operation needs, such as a new forklift. 

Did you know that over 75% of the 5,711,715 pounds of food acquired and distributed by The Food Bank last year was touched by a forklift? Having an adequate number of forklifts is absolutely essential to our operations. But right now, we are coming up short.

Not long ago, 70% of the food we received was in boxes or cans. Non-perishable food is forgiving – it can sit on shelves for long periods of time and doesn’t require refrigeration. Today, 68% of the food donations we receive are fresh or frozen. This is incredible for community health, but comes with a new set of challenges.

Donations of perishable food must be moved quickly to a refrigerator or freezer in order to maintain the cold chain. Otherwise, food will spoil, rendering it useless. The only way to keep food moving efficiently through our warehouse is by purchasing a new forklift.

Your donation today will help The Food Bank purchase essential new equipment, like a reach forklift ($60,990), and delivery more food to where it is needed most.


Stay safe and healthy, and thank you for being such a valuable part of our community.


Wendi Campbell
Chief Executive Officer
The Food Bank of Waterloo Region