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Community Leaders: Conestoga Meats

October 1st, 2020In the Community

"For our Community Leaders to step up publicly - to say we all have a role to play in ensuring no one goes hungry - that's incredibly important to the work we do. "

Wendi Campbell
Chief Executive Officer, The Food Bank of Waterloo Region

Our Community Leaders are generous people and organizations that want to do a little bit more — they go above and beyond to share their resources and connections to feed hungry families, and increase awareness that we’re all in this together.

Our partnership with Conestoga Meats started with some great conversations and then became this evolution of us learning about them and them learning about us, and then every year doing a little bit more. Their employees can really see the impact they’re having. And how great is it that they’ve stepped up at a time when there are so many challenges in the food industry? It’s just so admirable.

Of course not every donor needs to make such a significant gift. Our partners do a wide range of things — from fundraising to volunteering to donating resources — and each go a long way to helping us do more for the people we serve.
If you are interested in becoming a Community Leader, please reach out to us at: or