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Volunteer Profile: Don

January 24th, 2021Volunteers

Each year more than 2,000 people choose to volunteer with The Food Bank, making it possible to acquire and distribute essential food to 100+ community programs and agency partners in Waterloo Region.

Volunteers like Don, who we asked some questions about volunteering back when he was able to come into the warehouse.

The Food Bank of Waterloo Region (The Food Bank): How long have you been volunteering with The Food Bank?

Don: I started volunteering with The Food Bank in 2013.

The Food Bank: What do you do at The Food Bank?

Don: I help in Customer Service, assisting agencies with their orders, greeting and thanking donors, sorting and receiving business donations. 

The Food Bank: Why do you volunteer with The Food Bank?

Don: I enjoy helping and I believe that in Canada, no one should go hungry. Especially with all the great food we have!

The Food Bank: What do you do when not volunteering?

Don: In the winter my buddies and I shred the slopes. We’re known as the “Over the Hill Gang”. 

Thank you for your hard work and dedication in helping ensure no one goes hungry in Waterloo Region.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please visit