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Volunteer Profile: Meet Sarah

March 19th, 2021Volunteers

Volunteering at The Food Bank of Waterloo Region (The Food Bank) has looked very different this year. Our volunteers have adjusted to changes in their day-to-day roles and operations with ease. While we haven’t been able to welcome as many volunteers to The Food Bank, we continue to be inspired and humbled by our volunteers dedication to ensuring no one goes hungry in our community.

In this volunteer profile, we meet Sarah. Sarah has actively been volunteering at The Food Bank since October 2020 in a variety of ways. We recently had the chance to catch up with her and learn more about what volunteering at The Food Bank means to her.


The Food Bank: What motivated you to volunteer with The Food Bank?

Sarah: I have the time after being laid off, I used to volunteer at agency in Calgary handing out food to single and low-income parents, I got to know many families and we would have a meal together. I loved getting to know everyone and being part of community. It is refreshing being at The Food Bank, I feel it’s the best way to use my time right now. My kids can see me giving back, my Grade 2 even made a presentation to his class! I also have come in the evenings and work hard! My mom volunteers with me as well. It’s been a great family activity!

The Food Bank: What makes this volunteer experience a meaningful use of your time/What is the biggest personal benefit you receive as a volunteer?

Sarah: It feels good to volunteer- simply put. I feel useful and that I’m contributing.

The Food Bank: What is your favorite part of volunteering at The Food Bank?

Sarah: Talking to other volunteers, interacting with people you may not have crossed paths with otherwise, everyone coming from different situation. Enjoy everything I help with. Interesting conversations with people in all stages – retired, students, etc. who I wouldn’t usually have a chance to talk to.

The Food Bank: What do you like to do outside of volunteering?

Sarah: I love being outdoors, canoeing, art – lately acrylic pouring.

The Food Bank: What would you share with someone interested in volunteering here?

Sarah: The flexibility of shifts is very helpful. If you’re interested – go for it! Lots of different activities and great people, no matter what you’re doing you’re feeling helpful and appreciated. The staff is very appreciative, even if you make a mistake, they point it out politely and kindly to correct and provide feedback. The staff also go out of way to learn your name and say hello.

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