Job loss, reduced hours, business closures, limited financial resources and government supports mean people are feeling the stress and long-term impacts of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

More people in our community are relying on emergency food assistance and are visiting programs more frequently to ensure they have food on the table. These programs include community meal, emergency hamper, shelter & residential supports, and community centres & outreach services located throughout Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, North Dumfries, Wellesley, Wilmot, and Woolwich Townships.

By the numbers

In Waterloo Region, there has been a:

  • Significant increase in the number of new households accessing emergency food assistance – 80 per cent over three months – which we haven’t seen since the onset of the pandemic.
  • 40 per cent increase in food hamper distribution compared to pre-COVID-19.
  • 22 per cent increase in people accessing emergency food assistance.

From July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021, we have acquired, coordinated, and distributed more than 6.8 million pounds of fresh, frozen, and non-perishable food to the Community Food Assistance Network, providing 3,671,875 meals locally.

As a leader of the Community Food Assistance Network, we work closely with 100+ community programs and agency partners to ensure the ongoing delivery of essential services and supports during this challenging time.

Why your support is critical:

Your financial donations help keep our delivery vehicles on the road, distributing food to the 100+ community programs and agency partners that provide direct support to neighbours in need, when and where they need it, ensures no interruption or service delivery delays, and allows us to fill gaps in our inventory by purchasing a variety of foods to fit with the dietary and culturally diverse needs of our community.

Every $1 you donate can provide 3 healthy meals to neighbours in need.