Fire and Police to Food Bank 365

Join volunteers from Waterloo Fire Rescue and Waterloo Regional Police Services for Fire and Police to Food Bank 365 Awareness Day.

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Fire and Police to Food Bank 365 Awareness Day

On December 19, Fire and Police are working together to build awareness of the program and the reason for the program:  People in Waterloo Region need Food Support Year Round.

Volunteers from Waterloo Fire Rescue, Waterloo Regional Police Services and Melloul Blamey will be providing customer service at The Food Bank as well as visiting 10 local schools to pickup their Food & Fund Drive donations.

We encourage everyone to bring their food donations to The Food Bank of Waterloo Region, 50 Alpine Court, Kitchener to keep these volunteers busy!

Fire and Police to Food Bank 365 Program

Fire halls have long accepted food donations for their local food banksFire to Food Bank 365 is a program launched by Waterloo Fire Rescue in September 2015 to build awareness of the need for food assistance every day of the year.  In 2016, Police to Food Bank was launched with plans to add additional community emergency services.

“By formalizing the arrangement, giving the program a name, consciously marketing and involving our emergency service partners in the ‘- to Food Bank’ program we are driving home the message that there is a 365 day/year need for support experienced by vulnerable members of our community,” says Chief Richard Hepditch, Waterloo Fire Rescue. “Partnerships between local food banks and community emergency services reinforce the concept that anyone could need help any time.”

All fire halls and police divisions have food donation bins available 24/7, 365 days a year. These locations throughout the Region make it easy to drop off a donation anytime.


December 19, 2018
Wednesday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm


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