Third-Party Programs

Third-party programs (including special events and fundraisers) are critical to The Food Bank of Waterloo Region (The Food Bank) as they raise funds and food, build relationships and public awareness, and bring media attention to our cause.

A third-party program is defined as any activity intended to raise public funds/food and/or awareness in support of The Food Bank. The primary responsibility for organizing and conducting the program lies with the volunteers, and/or staff of the company, organization or group that has been approved to execute the program (event).

Applications for third-party programs must be received eight weeks prior to the program start date, and will be reviewed by The Food Bank within one week of receipt.

Third-party opportunities are reviewed on an individual basis and The Food Bank reserves the right to refuse support at its discretion. Programs must have a positive impact on The Food Bank brand, value and reputation and is in alignment with our objectives, culture, ethics and values.

How to host

Third-party event and fundraiser organizers must:

  • Obtain written permission of The Food Bank of Waterloo Region before using its name, logo, image or otherwise referencing it in any promotional material (online or print).
  • Obtain sponsorship(s) for an event if needed.
  • Complete the Third-Party Programs form (below).
  • Provide any additional insurance or license for third party, as needed.
  • Develop and implement promotions plan.
  • Work with The Food Bank to ensure the event will be as successful as possible.
  • Cover all expenses related to the fundraiser.

The Food Bank accepts a third-party event if it reflects the mission of The Food Bank, is in keeping with our mandate and core values. If you would like to organize a third-party program please contact The Food Bank of Waterloo Region.