In Canada, food waste has reached record breaking numbers. It is estimated that nearly 32% of lost and wasted food is edible and could have been redirected to help people
in our communities.

Food recovery is a top priority at The Food Bank. We work closely with corporate, community, and food industry partners – as part of our Saving Fresh. Feeding Community. program – to prevent edible, healthy food from being discarded and instead redirected to help the 40,500 people in need.

Join Us and Take a Fresh Approach to Food Security

Are you a local business, restaurant, farmer, food retailer, distributor or manufacturer who is interested in donating food to our Saving Fresh. Feeding Community. program?

Call us at: 519.743.5576 or email to learn more about how you can get involved.

Supporting Saving Fresh. Feeding Community.

The Food Bank adheres to the Safe Food for Canadians Act (SFCA), Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) and provincial regulations, making it easy for you to donate to us with confidence.

Reasons to Support Saving Fresh. Feeding Community.
  • We offer reliable, scheduled pick-up and drop-off opportunities for local businesses supporting food recovery.  
  • Using our fleet of refrigerated vehicles, we are able to transport and store your donation at the appropriate temperature, ensuring the cold-chain is maintained.  
  • We are able to manage the distribution of your donation and allocate the product to the Community Food Assistance Network – a system of 120+ community programs and agency partners working together to distribute food and other vital supports.

Donation Criteria

All donations must include a full ingredient list. We are unable to accept moldy or rotten fruits and vegetables, or severely dented or damaged products. Products must have a best before date within a year of the donation date. 

Donation Category 
Bakery All bread and bread product with no visible spoilage or opened packages.  
Dairy  All dairy product must be received before the best before date. 
Frozen  All frozen fruits, vegetables, meals and desserts with no visible spoilage or opened packages.  
General Grocery – Shelf Stable Items  All canned, jarred, bottled, boxed and bagged products with no visible spoilage or opened packages.  
Grocery & Household Items  Non-perishable items with minimal damage and interior seals still intact.  
Meat & Seafood  All frozen, bulk, and packaged meat, seafood and deli meat with no visible spoilage or opened packages.  
Produce  All fruits and vegetables, bags of produce with minimal mold. Must have a minimum self-life of 2-3 days.