Fresh Approaches

We’re taking a fresh approach to fighting hunger

Help us increase the amount of fresh food available to the community.  The Food Bank of Waterloo Region is opening the brand new Fresh Approaches Food Centre. This on-site food processing room will allow us to increase the variety, quality and quantity of fresh and frozen food distributed to those in our community in need of food assistance.

Help us purchase the equipment needed to make our new FOOD CENTRE a success!

  • Vacuum Sealer—$2,306
  • Stainless Steel Tables—$1,305
  • Food Choppers—$1,935
  • Coffee Grinder—$769
  • Digital Scale—$753
  • Knives—$435
  • Slotted Spoons—$60
  • Aluminum Stock Pots—$415

What are the benefits of the fresh approaches food centre?

  • By accepting more fresh food donations and implementing improved food processing,
    we hope to increase the quantity, quality and variety of food distributed throughout the community.
  • The safe repackaging and preservation of bulk, fresh and frozen product will reduce the work load for community partners and agencies.
  • Fresh fruit, vegetables and proteins will be preserved in the safest and healthiest way possible, without added sugar or salt.
  • Additional fresh food donations will be accepted (from food industry partners) because we will be able to safely preserve it, maintaining freshness and quality, for future distribution.