You can ensure hungry children have enough to eat this summer.

There’s no question this summer is going to be different. Things aren’t quite back to ‘normal’. But what hasn’t changed is this: there are many children in your community who don’t get enough to eat, especially during the summer.

School has been anything but consistent for thousands of children in our community over the past year. They’ve been in and out of classrooms, and regular school food programs haven’t been available.

Sadly, many of these children will spend their summer break not knowing where their next meal will come from.

Hunger doesn’t take a holiday. And yet giving drops significantly in the summer months.


You can make a difference today.
Join the Full Bellies. Happy Hearts. 1 million meal challenge!

Thanks to a generous matching gift from Allan Bush of CIBC Wood Gundy, Waterloo, every dollar you give before August 31st will provide six healthy meals.

You can give peace of mind to a child – and their parents – during the hot summer months.


1/3 of the people we served by our Network are UNDER 18.

Double your impact today: Feed twice as many kids!