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  • "We launched our Full Bellies. Happy Hearts. campaign this summer with a goal to raise two million meals. Together, with your donations and the Allan Bush Investment Team's matching donations, we reached our goal! "

  • "The shopping model, which offers a grocery store-style experience for community members, is open Monday to Thursday and launched in early May of this year. Major Donna Simms, a pastor and Executive Director of Community Family Services, said they’re paying attention to which foods can best support the dietary considerations of individuals and families."

  • "The Kingsdale Community Centre food distribution program is part of the Community Food Assistance Network, a system of 100+ community organizations providing food and support to those in need. These organizations include community meal programs, emergency food hamper programs, shelters, and outreach services."

  • "My family showed me what it meant to be a good neighbor, especially in times of need. Back then we didn’t have food banks or clothing drives, but we did have [small town] community that would come together to help each other when needed."

    Food Bank Donor and Recipient
  • "There is an old phrase that says we are better together than we are on our own."

    Douglas Bartholomew-Saunders
    Commissioner, Community Services at the Region of Waterloo.