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  • "My dad didn’t yell. He didn’t tell him to go. He didn’t say what are you doing here? He just pulled me aside and he said, ‘let him finish it.’ We didn’t even know this child. He simply just let him finish. He asked him if he needed anything else. My dad gave him a few snacks out of our cupboard and sent him on his way. "

    Sydney Keedwell
  • "Quite simply, as an adult student and father… without your [Network] services, I don’t know where I or my children would be."

    Richard Mitchell
  • "When I was asked if I would like to volunteer at Kingdom Community International, I didn’t hesitate. I was a single parent. I used to use The Food Bank. I know how helpful it was for me to feed my children. "

    Paulette Williams
    Volunteer, Kingdom Community International
  • "A lot of our tenants at Supportive Housing of Waterloo are relying more heavily on the food program. I think it’s a combination of not only the increasing food costs but there were a lot of extra supports during the pandemic that came to a halt at the end of COVID."

    Nicole Pereira
    Program manager, Supportive Housing of Waterloo
  • "I felt connected to the community. Somebody had to make it. Somebody had to deliver it. It’s not just a food hamper coming to your door, it’s a community. It’s community in your bag."

    Wendy Gale