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  • "My family showed me what it meant to be a good neighbor, especially in times of need. Back then we didn’t have food banks or clothing drives, but we did have [small town] community that would come together to help each other when needed."

    Food Bank Donor and Recipient
  • "There is an old phrase that says we are better together than we are on our own."

    Douglas Bartholomew-Saunders
    Commissioner, Community Services at the Region of Waterloo.
  • "Food waste has reached record breaking numbers in Canada so anything we can do to divert it from our local landfill as well as support The Food Bank is a win-win."

    Ben Murphy
    Owner, Murphy's Law Distillery Ltd.
  • "“The Food Bank always needs the support, and this seemed like a great way to be able to give back, while doing something together.” "

    Amber Buchanan
    Food & Fund Drive Supporter
  • "Having the support of Dan and the Rangers was one of the pieces during these unprecedented times that allow us to continue to serve the most vulnerable in our community."

    Wendi Campbell
    CEO, The Food Bank of Waterloo Region