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Food Engagement Program

The Food Bank of Waterloo Region welcomes both corporate and community groups to volunteer at our distribution centre.  Volunteering with your group is a great way to connect as a team and spend time together giving back to your community. 

 You’ll help with a variety of activities  that may include: 

  • non-perishable or frozen food sorting
  • repacking products in the Fresh Approaches Food Centre
  • hamper packing 

Food engagement activities change often based on donations received and to meet the needs of the Community Food Assistance Network, a system of 120+ community programs and agency partners supported by The Food Bank.

When you arrive at our distribution centre, our engagement team will tell your group what activity you’re supporting that day. 

Note: You must wear a mask, and closed-toed and flat footwear to volunteer in our distribution centre.

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    2Bring Food or Funds

    See our list of most need items below:

    • Canned fruit
    • Stew, chili, and soup
    • Beans in sauce
    • Hot and cold cereal
    • Canned meat and fish
    • Pasta sauce
    • Dry beans
    • Rice
    • Peanut butter
    • Canned vegetables

Thank You!

Together, We ARe FeedING Hungry Neighbours.

We are here to support you.
Feel free to phone or email us with any questions.

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