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On April 3, we officially kicked-off our annual Spring Food & Fund Drive, in partnership with the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank.

While the need for food assistance is consistent in our community, the reality is, there is an increased need for support as we navigate the COVID-19 health crisis.

You won’t see our volunteers at your local grocery stores and we can’t accept non-perishable donations the way we normally do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference.

This year, we are going digital and encouraging you to host virtual Food & Fund Drives in support of The Food Bank of Waterloo Region.

Having a zoom chat, conference call, virtual games night or online live concert? Collect financial donations in support of The Food Bank.

Your support allows us to fill gaps in our inventory, ensure continued service delivery to the Community Food Assistance Network and help people in our community during this unprecedented health crisis.

P.S. Register your virtual Food & Fund Drive and we can help with customized donation pages, event promotion and more! Click here to register.

Virtual Food & Fund Drive Ideas

Here are some idea starters for your Virtual Food Drive!

Office pot luck: Do you miss your co-workers?  We sure do!  Why not have a potluck lunch…online? Schedule a GoToMeeting and invite your co-workers to share their favourite recipe and laughs. Donate the money that would have been spent on preparing that dish.

Birthday Party: Are you having a ZOOM conference to celebrate a birthday or anniversary with your friends and family? In lieu of gifts, ask for a donation to The Food Bank.

Video Game Tournament: No one can tell you that you are wasting your time playing video games when the tournament proceeds are feeding hungry neighbours! Guilt-free gaming.

Girls Night: Do you miss your gal pals? Why not hop on a video conference with them and donate the money that would have been spent going out to The Food Bank.

Online Training: Take your skills online and teach a class. You could teach someone how to play the guitar, build a skyscraper out of lego, draw your favourite character, just to name a few. Donations can be made to take part in this online training.

Lunch Money Challenge: Challenge your friends to donate the money that they are saving by not running out at lunch to grab a bite or that 2nd…3rd…4th coffee.

A custom donation page can be created to help you fund raise.

Custom Donation Page

A custom donation page can be create to help you raise funds for your event. The page includes:

  • Unique URL for you to share with your network.
  • Options to customize (logo, message to donors).
  • Option to have a tracker that shows your donors the progress of the campaign.
  • Tax receipts sent to donors immediately after donating.

Please register your drive so that a custom donation page can be set up.

Social Media Toolkit

Thank you for supporting our joint Spring Food & Fund Drive in partnership with the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank.

We have created resources to help you spread the word about the virtual Spring Food & Fund Drive. Sample social media posts have been provided below for you to post across your social networks. Sharing these posts is a great way to let your network know you are supporting and participating and encourage them to join.

Social Media Toolkit

Become a Food & Fund Drive Sponsor!

Contact Sally or Nicole for more information.

Thank you for sponsoring our Spring Food Drive

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