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Food Bank of Waterloo Region

April 1, 2020Awareness

Maintaining Food Safety at Home

Food safety is important in restaurants, food banks and other food establishments but it’s not always top of mind in our home. In fact, an estimated 97% of foodborne illnesses are as a result of the way people store or prepare food.

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March 24, 2020Awareness

Sparking a Connection with Food

We know food nourishes us and keeps us sharp mentally but it also creates a sense of comfort, belonging and sparks creativity. As part of Nutrition month, we take a look at some simple ways to cook, share and enjoy food with family and friends of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

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March 10, 2020Awareness

The Role of Food Safety at The Food Bank

Food safety plays a critical role in our work at The Food Bank, to ensure we are acquiring and distributing safe, nutritious food to the 100+ community programs and agency partners and 34,552 people in our community accessing food assistance.

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