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Volunteers are essential to our work at The Food Bank of Waterloo Region and have a crucial role in all aspects of our operations. From accepting community donations, attending events, sorting food donations, packing food hampers, to delivering food to the 120+ programs and agencies within the Community Food Assistance Network, we couldn’t do our work without volunteers.

Volunteering at the food bank

We’re excited to welcome you as a volunteer at The Food Bank of Waterloo Region! There are a variety of ways to volunteer and we believe there is an opportunity for everyone. Each volunteer role has its own requirements and commitments, but they all support our mission of ensuring no one goes hungry.

Food Bank of Waterloo Region volunteers standing shoulder to shoulder smiling

Event Volunteers – Brand Ambassador

The Food Bank of Waterloo Region volunteers collecting food and donations.Brand ambassadors are the face of The Food Bank at events, campaigns, and speaking engagements. This role interacts with the public and helps them understand the impact of their financial and food donations. Volunteers applying for this role:

  • will participate in an interview
  • will provide a reference check
  • must have excellent interpersonal skills
  • must be 16+ years old

Event volunteer shifts are typically available on evenings and weekends.

Interested in getting involved? Sign up online and we’ll reach out soon.

Volunteering in the distribution centre – General Warehouse Volunteer

General warehouse volunteersassist with various tasks throughout the warehouse, such as: customer service, hamper packing, food sorting (fresh, frozen, and non-perishable), working in the Fresh Approaches Food Centre, ordering picking, and more. Each volunteer will be assigned a task at the start of tWarehouse volunteers at fresh produce hamper lineheir shift based on the needs that day. This role is onsite in an operational warehouse environment, volunteers applying for this role should be comfortable with:

  • lifting 50 pounds consistently, reaching and bending
  • varying temperatures (in and out of coolers/freezers).
  • periodic noise and activities associated with operational warehouse activities (forklift traffic, equipment, large groups).
  • Continuous walking and standing on concrete floor.
  • Must be 15+ years old

Warehouse volunteer shifts typically take place Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m., with occasional evenings and weekends available.

Interested in getting involved? Sign up online and we’ll reach out soon.

Transportation Team Volunteering – Driver or Driver Assistant

Transportation team volunteers support The Food Bank to complete deliveries to the Community Food Assistance Network, conduct pickups of food drive, grocery store or corporate donations and assist with event supply drop off or pickup. Volunteer drivers should be comfortable with:

  • Heavy lifting and climb in/out of back of truck
  • Comfortable driving any one of our vehicles: 17 to 20 foot straight trucks
  • G License
  • Minimum 21 years of age and five (5) years of driving experience
  • Proof of good driving record with less than three (3) demerit points (must submit a three-year Driver’s Abstract)

Volunteer driver assistants should be comfortable with:

  • heavy lifting and climb in/out of back of truck
  • Loading food products in and out of truck
  • Assist driver with directions or backing into loading areas

Interested in getting involved? Sign up online and we’ll reach out soon.

Group Volunteering – Distribution Centre 

Looking to volunteer as a group at The Food Bank distribution centre? The Food Bank of Waterloo Region
both corporate and community groups to volunteer at our distribution centre. Volunteering with your group is a great way to connect as a team and spend time together giving back to your community. 

Interested? Review the details and register now.

Bearcats baseball team collecting donations.

Group Volunteering – Community Events 

Interested in helping out with community events? Send us an email at to get started. Please include the following information in your email:

  • group name
  • number of volunteers
  • main contact information and;
  • whether you are open to any volunteer opportunities or specifically looking to volunteer for a certain event (e.g., Canstruction).


Q: How does The Food Bank's volunteer program work?

A: We welcome volunteers year-round at The Food Bank. Volunteers support our mission of ensuring no one goes hungry. Those interested in volunteering are encouraged to check out the current volunteer opportunities and complete an application. Once your application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by a team member, and if approved, you will be participate in an onboarding training session and begin volunteering.

Q: I want to volunteer. How and where do I start?

A: Check out our current volunteer opportunities to see if there is a fit for you. If so, complete an application and a team member will review your application and contact you with next steps. If you have questions, please contact us at:

Q: I am looking for an unpaid placement - co-op, internship through community groups - does The Food Bank offer these opportunities?

A: We are often able to accommodate unpaid placements. Please have the group or organization you are working with contact us directly at:

Q: I require volunteer hours. Can I volunteer with The Food Bank?

A: Absolutely! We welcome volunteers who need hours for school. However, we do not guarantee hours for any volunteer.

Q: What is the minimum age to volunteer at The Food Bank?

A: The minimum age to volunteer is 15 years old. However, some volunteer opportunities do have specific age requirements and are note in the volunteer opportunity description. For those interested in volunteering with younger children, please click here.

Q: Do I need to submit an application or a resume to volunteer?

A: All individuals interested in volunteering at The Food Bank need to submit an application. A resume may be required depending on the role you are interested in, such as an administrative or transportation volunteer.

Q: Will I have to attend an interview?

A: Yes, all of our volunteers must participate in an onboarding training session. This may include an interview or information session followed by in-person training. Those interested in volunteering in our warehouse, generally do not require an interview. Some roles may require additional steps like an interview and reference check to ensure the safety of our volunteers, staff, and community.

Q: Are there certain skills or training I need to volunteer at The Food Bank?

A: Some volunteer roles require specific skills. All the skills required are listed in the volunteer role description. We provide role-specific training for each volunteer opportunity. Volunteers often learn new and/or hone existing skills while volunteering.

Q: Is there a time commitment for volunteering at The Food Bank?

A: We encourage those interested in volunteering to consider a minimum 3 to 6 month commitment. However, we do understand that you have a busy life and may not be able to provide a commitment. Be sure to carefully read the volunteer opportunity descriptions, as the time commitment is included in each, and apply the one that aligns with your commitment level.

Q: Do I require a police check, driver's abstract, or other documentation to volunteer at The Food Bank?

A: Yes, some volunteer opportunities do require a police check, driver’s abstract or other documentation. This depends on the volunteer opportunity and are outlined in the volunteer description. If you are interested in a role that requires additional documentation, we will let you know. Costs for any necessary additional checks will be reimbursed. Though we appreciate the proactiveness of some individuals, please do not seek out a police check or driver’s abstract unless we have asked you to.

Q: Can I volunteer with friends and family?

A: Yes, there are many opportunities for those who want to volunteer together. All individuals will need to fill out an application and complete onboarding prior to volunteering. Most shifts for our volunteer opportunities are available on a first come basis. If you and family or friends would like to volunteer together, you need to each register for the same shift.

Q: Will I get a letter of reference after I volunteer at The Food Bank?

A: We are happy to provide letters of reference for individuals volunteering. Please email: to request a letter of reference.

Q: I am a newcomer/international student to Canada, do I need a work permit to volunteer?

A: We welcome all members of the community to volunteer. Since there is no monetary payment for volunteering, a work permit is not required.

Q: I do not have Canadian references, what should I do?

A: Not all volunteer opportunities require references. If a role requires references, you can provide them from your home country. If you are attending school, you can ask the instructor to be a reference.

Q: I do not speak fluent English, can I still volunteer at The Food Bank?

A: Our volunteer opportunities usually require a basic understanding of English. However, some opportunities do require fluent spoken English. If you are unsure or concerned, contact us at:

Q: Can I volunteer for only one role at a time or can I volunteer for multiple activities?

A: Some volunteers choose to participate in more than one volunteer opportunity at a time, as their schedules permit. Provided you complete the necessary onboarding requirements for each role, you are more than welcome to volunteer for multiple opportunities.

Q: If I have concerns about my volunteer experience, who can I speak to?

A: All volunteer roles have a staff person as a volunteer supervisor. Your volunteer supervisors information is listed on the landing page when you sign up for shifts. We encourage you to connect with your volunteer supervisor as a first step, should you not find a resolution, please contact the Director of People, Culture and Administration.

Q: Can I leave my volunteer duties at any time?

A: Should you decide to take a break or leave our volunteer program, we ask you speak directly to your volunteer supervisor. We appreciate as much notice as possible. If you are unable to connect with your volunteer supervisor, please email: