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2017 Canstruction Structures and Award Winners

November 15th, 2017Events

MTE Consultants Inc.

“Hunger Be Dammed”

More than just Canada’s national animal, beavers have long been recognized as the engineers of the forest. In building their dams they transform their natural environment into a thriving habitat for themselves and other forest animals. Our structure this year celebrates the strength of our country and its people. MTE’s engineers are proud to build our own dam to transform our community into one where no one goes hungry.

Total Number of Cans Used: 2,900



“Fortifying Against Hunger”

NCR has a long history of supporting The Food Bank, dating back to “Zehrs nights” to internal competitions and now with the Canstruction food drive. This year we decided to reference good health that comes through nutrition to fortify our bodies. Hunger is a vicious cycle that makes learning difficult and creates a cycle of poor employment. With NCR’s commitment to being a strong community member, we choose to help break the cycle of poverty and hunger, helping to build a future of successful well-nourished people.

Total Number of Cans Used: 2,020
Awards: People’s Choice Award,
Structural Ingenuity Award


University of Waterloo Community Relations

“University of Waterloo 60 Years of Innovation”

In 2017, the University of Waterloo celebrates its 60th anniversary. We have a rich history of giving back to make our community a better place to live. Through our partnership with The Food Bank of Waterloo Region, the University helps raise awareness of hunger and the need for food, both on campus and in our community.Join us in celebrating our anniversary throughout the year, with #UWaterloo60.

Total Number of Cans Used: 1,327


Quadro Engineering

“Feed A Region – Grow A Nation”

Celebrating Canada’s 150th Anniversary – The train was the key to making Canada the country it is today! The train provided access to areas of our country and people that were previously unreachable. It not only brought food but also other supplies and goods needed to grow and develop into a unified and productive country. Today, many years later, trains continue to deliver needed food and suppliec across great land, similar to how The Food Bank of Waterloo Region delivers needed food and hope across our region.

Total Number of Cans Used: 2,100
Award: Most Meals Raised

MAC (Muslim Association of Canada)

“We Stand United”

Our structure is inspired by the diversity and unity among Canadians. In Canada, people from different backgrounds and beliefs work together to make our country strong and full of opportunity. The right wall of this mosque structure has now been redesigned in solidarity with the Quebecois who were the victims of a horrific attack on their mosque on January 29. Immediately after this tragic event, Canadians showed how our values unite us for a common goal of peace. Similarly, CANstruction allows us to unite for a common goal of fighting hunger and poverty. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “He is not a believer whose stomach is filled while the neighbor to his side goes hungry.”

Total Number of Cans Used: 4,300
Award: Judges’ Favourite


Conestoga College Architecture Construction Engineering Technology

“Paw Patrol CANstruction
Rescues The Food Bank!!”

The Paw Patrol Gang jump into action to Rescue the Food Bank of Waterloo Region! Chase, Rubble, Skye, and Marshall, work together as a team to save the Hungry People of Waterloo Region! Collecting and Delivering Healthy food for all!
Thank-you Paw Patrol CANstruction!

Total Number of Cans Used: 1,800


Rombald Inc.

“CANadian Parliament”

This year Canada celebrates 150 years as a nation, and we believe one of the things that makes our country great is our passion to help others and support those in our community. The Food Bank plays a big part in that and ensures that Canadians have access to wholesome and nourishing food. We are proud to support The Food Bank of Waterloo Region and we are proud to be Canadian!

Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

Total Number of Cans Used: 2,366


University of Waterloo Engineering Society

“Sinking Hunger”

We chose this structure because it was “Canadian themed” with the canoe, but also it represents ending hunger by sinking the metaphorical hunger boat!

Total Number of Cans Used: 500


Dillon Consulting

“CANada 150”

Canada is a country that was built, and continues  to grow, on diverse cultures and communities coming together to support and help each other. Canstruction is anotherevent that exemplifies this, where communities and donors have come together to do their part to help battle hunger and support each other. Have a fun and safe Canstruction!

Total Number of Cans Used: 1,104
Award: Best Use of Labels


City of Kitchener

“Happy Canniversary!”

We raise a toast in celebration of 10 years of Canstruction. Ten years of bringing people together to feed families in our community. Ten years of ever more diverse and impressive structures to draw attention to an ever increasing need, here, and around the world. Feeding those in need is a part of who we are as Canadians, whether it is locally for the food bank, or globally as peacekeepers or disaster relief workers. As Canada celebrates 150 years as a nation, may we never forget, that it is Canada’s compassionate and giving nature that is respected worldwide.

Total Number of Cans Used: 1,000


2G Robotics

“Finding a Solution to End Hunger”

Nemo was an obvious choice for our canstructure since he shares the same passion for underwater exploration as does 2G Robotics. But, Nemo is also known for being loyal and caring, characteristics that are fundamental to a healthy community. He is an example that intimidating challenges can be overcome with the help of your friends. We hope Nemo’s story will help to inspire our neighbours to work together to put an end to local hunger.

Total Number of Cans Used: 1,420



“Celebrating CANada 150”

Canada celebrates 150 years, a tremendous milestone for our country with a long list ofaccomplishments for all Canadians to be proud of. However, one thing we still need to work on is eliminating hunger in our communities. Let us work together to make sure that no one goes hungry. Our strength is in our generosity and compassion for our neighbours, together we CAN make a difference!

Total Number of Cans Used: 2,400
Award: Honourable Mention



Rolling Over Hunger

For WalterFedy’s 9th annual CANstruction build, we proudly present “Rolling over Hunger”. The Roller Coaster design we’ve created is constantly in motion. The never-ending rolling can represents the tireless efforts of The Food Bank and their volunteers. Time and time again they ‘roll over hunger’ and bring meals to those who need it most.

Total Number of Cans Used: 1,200


Fortech Engineering

“Castle of Stories”

We all have a unique story; it is part of what defines us. Sometimes our story is happy all the way through, and someimes it is a mixture between happy, sad, fortunate, unfortunate, and everything in-between. Organizations like The Food Bank support people when their story isn’t going well, and we are proud to be supporting them with Canstruction. We’ve sprinkled a few stories throughout our castle – see how many you can find!

Total Number of Cans Used: 2,826


Stubbe’s Precast Inc.

“CANadian Falls”

Eliminating hunger in not only our own community but across the nation is something we can all support. Canada is known around the world as being a leader in humanitarian efforts. We are also known for many other amazing things including the natural wonder Niagara Falls. Our build represents our nation as a whole that we are all one together in the fight
against hunger.

Total Number of Cans Used: 3,810
Award: Best Meal


A special thank you to photographer Gillian Crawford.