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Anselma House

November 8th, 2017Agencies

Emergency shelters are among the programs that The Food Bank serves in the Community Food Assistance Network.

On any given day, Anselma House, which is one of the 2 shelters run by Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region, is home to approximately 30 residents. Along with a safe place and emotional support, a bed and roof, we also provide healthy nutritious food. The Food & Nutrition Coordinator at Anselma House has a very special role. She helps the women and children with eating 3 healthy meals each day.  Hot meals are prepared and served for dinner Monday through Friday.  The rest of the time, women are able to prepare their own meals and have access to kitchen facilities in the shelter. We make every effort to provide food that is responsive to the religious, cultural, nutritional, and dietary needs of women and their children.

Anselma House is located at 700 Heritage Dr, Kitchener, ON N2A 3N8.